The reading plan we are going through as a church is called the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan. In addition to the pdf download of the plan on this website, the plan is available on the YouVersion mobile app as well as on Just search the plans section for “Discipleship Journal.”

The plan is made up of four “tracks”  – two tracks which run through the New Testament, and two which take you through the Old Testament. This totals in four readings per day. There are a total of 25 days of reading scheduled for each month. This allows for 5-6 free days per month. Free days can be used when things get hectic and you are not able to read, or you can dedicate those days for reflection and deeper study.

We highly encourage everyone in our church to aim for completing all four readings per day. This will take you through the entire Bible within the course of a year, and will allow you to see the unity of God’s word as one grand story. However, if the amount becomes too burdensome, feel free to take on just three or two of the tracks this year, and tackle the others next year.
In addition to the readings, The Bible Project has a series of animated videos that highlights the overarching structure and meaning of each of the books in the Bible. You’ll notice in the pdf download that some of the days are marked with a star. The star indicates the beginning of a new book or book section and corresponds to a summary video indicated in the far right column. So before embarking into a new section of scripture, you can watch a  video which gives you a summary ahead of time of what you are about to read. All the videos are available on The Bible Project’s YouTube channel and can be accessed at these links: